Prison Ministry

Taking church outside the walls of AFC, individuals involved in the Prison Ministry make sure those who are incarcerated have the opportunity to attend worship services. At these services, attendees are part of a worship experience. Modeled on a traditional worship service, workers in the Prison Ministry provide all the elements of church, including singing, preaching, and altar calls.

The main objective is to share the Acts 2:38 message with the men and women of the prisons. If the incarcerated follow the plan of salvation and build a relationship with Jesus Christ, the chains that are on their lives-the ones that bind them in an emotional and spiritual prison-will be broken, and they will be free to start a new life, no longer bound in their mind and soul.

Through these services, those ministering in the prisons work to bring eternal hope to the incarcerated through the preaching and teaching of the Bible. Volunteers are committed to the inmates at their respective facilities. Prayer, fasting, and a willingness to "go" enable those who are part of the Prison Ministry to take a message of salvation and hope to incarcerated men and women and impact their eternal destiny.

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